Your brand is not your product. That’s a risky fallacy. But if you’ve done one thing for more than 100 years, it’s easy to fall into a trap and believe it. It would have been easy for Outdoor Life to take that approach. Instead of holding on to the idea that they were a monthly collection of printed pages, they’ve listened to their audience. They are following a new path, but one that is consistent with their brand audience.

1. They’re focusing “how to” content where people look for how to content—on the web. From videos to their famous pictograms you’ll find instructional information wherever you search.

2. Always known for great product reviews, they’re adding a shopping component to directly access the best gear. But in addition, they’re adding their name to select products in the store.

3. The biggest move. The historically (more than 100 years) monthly magazine is going quarterly—and getting bigger. More pages. More photos. More great stories. It’s content that readers can lean back with and spend time. Which is exactly what they’ve been asking for.

This is a highlight of the post I wrote here: A Collection of Pages, a Magazine, or a Brand?

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