Drive Increased Visibility with You-Directed User-Generated Content

Your future marketing opportunity is right in front of you: your current visitors. They are interacting with your brand and impacting future visits. Almost half of all US travelers are inspired and influenced by travel pictures that are posted by their friends (i.e., the people here right now.) See how you can help your destination marketing with travel pictures from your visitors.

This excerpt is from a blog post first published on Wilson Advertising on Oct. 12, 2017, Drive Increased Visibility with You-Directed User-Generated Content.

Marketing Treads

Content marketing can be hard work. Creating content and moving an audience from one point to another can be a big lift and take a lot of power. But many organizations make it more difficult for themselves than they have to because they don’t realize one simple fact: you can’t reach your entire audience at one single time because they aren’t all in the same place at the same time. By that I mean, different members of your audience are at different points in their journey.
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Instead of picking a starting point and away running toward the finish and away from your new, yet to be, audience, think of your content as the treads on a bulldozer. You’ll introduce your first piece, then the next, then the next and so on as move across the ground picking up new audience members as you go. Eventually you’ll pick up the piece, clean it off, give it a once over, and put it back to the work of pickup new audiences. At the end, if things go right, you’ll have moved a large audience towards your end.

What that means for your content is that a large portion of your potential audience are just that—potential. They need that ‘evergreen’ introductory piece or series that you were sick of last year to start them off. Once you’ve established an audience, be sure to provide that segment with new and fresh content. But don’t be mislead into thinking that everyone has seen your content at the same time. That’s not possible.