Done VS Perfect

The “perfect cast” when fly-fishing is something anglers strive for, talk up, and brag about for years. But there’s two things to note here.

The first is that thinking, seeing, and planning the perfect cast does not matter in the least until it’s executed. That’s when you’ll know if you actually completed a perfect cast, or what you intended at least.

The second is what we think is the perfect cast often doesn’t result in a strike. You might have thought it was a perfect cast, but the fish (your audience) disagree. Can it really be a perfect cast if it doesn’t produce a fish? Conversely, lots of fish are caught on less than perfect casts. I’d even guess that describes most of them.

Sandberg in Masters of Scale podcast hit on the idea of done is better than perfect. When it’s done, you can see the results, get feedback, learn, and try again.

It’s been my experience that most fish are caught in the water. Get your line wet and the lure in the water. Then you’ll know what works, perfect or not.


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