The Cloud is Sexy – You Need Protection

If there has been a buzzword in the data and analytics world that has received as much attention as “big data” it is “cloud.” It’s fresh. It’s hot. It’s full of potential. And like a hacked celebrity phone full of pictures, people can’t stop talking about it, even when they don’t fully understand what they are talking about. The result is that myths and misconceptions can arise and be difficult to dispel.

The previous excerpt was first published on the Teradata PARTNERS blog on May 30, 2017, The Cloud is Sexy – You Need Protection.

Events and Scrappy Established Brands

How does a software company founded nearly 50 years ago compete with startups? One of the first software companies ever, Cincom®, competes every day in this era of startups and quick evolution. What’s their secret? They continue to connect with their audience on a personal level at every opportunity. And for one of their product groups, that means a variety of events.

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Changing Brand Audiences—A Dilemma for the Circus and Every Brand

The fear of the millennial generation disappearing individually into their devices and a virtual world hasn’t materialized. Maybe because of the digital separation, they are much more willing to spend their income on experiences instead of things. Whether it is to fulfill a need for human interaction or just to have something to share later, American spending on events and experiences has been on the rise since the digital generation arrived.

In the face of overall category growth, how did the circus fail and what’s in store for other iconic events and their changing brand audience?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Say Goodbye to the “Greatest Show on Earth”

Using Analytics to Make a Difference: Finding and Preventing Opiate Abuse

The growth of opiate abuse and addiction has hit epidemic proportions in the United States. The CDC recently estimated the total economic burden to be $78.5 billion a year. To say that the cost to lives, directly and indirectly, has been huge would be an understatement. Several states count more opiate prescriptions than people. Tennessee is one of those states. Serving more than 3.4 million Tennesseans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee(BCBST) has been thrust into the middle of the epidemic.

The previous excerpt was taken from the Teradata PARTNERS blog post originally published on May 8, 2017, Using Analytics to Make a Difference: Finding and Preventing Opiate Abuse.