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I love @radiolab. I was clearing out podcasts today and had more thoughts on how groups make and can drive decisions. The “Turing test is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of an actual human.” Quite a goal. It led me back to Again.

Cleverbot “learns from real people” based on previous interactions. It’s using the all the interactions to get smarter and more real in its interactions. It’s getting close and can feel real at times. But it’s not quite there, unless you have really strange conversations. It is interesting. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Added: Or today you could just ask Alexa. Or Google home. Or Bixby.

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Stepping Stones of Content

stepping stones of content

There’s a river near my home that has a constant flow. The riffles there are not terribly deep. It is however wide enough that you can’t jump it and deep enough that you’ll be more wet than would be comfortable continuing the walk. There are no bridges. There are however lots of stones. In several areas, they form a series of stepping stones across the river. What series of stones will get you across depends on the amount of rain. But there are always more than one way across.

Content stepping stones are the paths that lead to conversions on the other side.

Define the Goal, Not the Path

Similarly, there is more than one content path to your ultimate conversion or sale. Not every piece of content, no matter how great, leads to the desired objective. Most often, it will be a series.

When you’re looking for metrics that matter on your website and through your content, look for these “stepping stones.” These are the paths that lead the customer to your ultimate goal and conversion. There could be multiple paths to the same goal. It’s likely more than one step. There could be multiple goals. But these are the real metrics. Not time on page, or even page depth.

Use your analytic software to view the entire path leading to the conversion. Don’t just look at the previous page. How they arrived at the previous page could be just as important (this is especially true in longer B2B sales cycles). Finally, record and note what happens after this conversion. Which paths lead to actual revenue? While one path might lead more visitors to your conversion, another more circuitous route might lead to more revenue. It might be less worn and less obvious at first glance. But getting more people to choose that path could lead to more insight and success.

When you identify these paths, determine when to get visitors to them at the right time and keep them on their journey. And yours.

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