What’s Your Business, Really?

Are Chrysler, Ford, Honda and others just automobile manufacturers? Or are they in the personal transportation business? How will a self-driving car impact what they manufacture today? One thing for sure is that the landscape is changing. Those that don’t keep pace will be left behind. That’s just one example of how companies really need to stop protecting the status quo and know and understand what they really have to offer.

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Quick – Email The Fire Department!

Said no one ever.

Email is a great communication device. In fact, it might be my favorite. But it’s not for emergencies. That might be why I like it and why it is so successful in business. It’s non-interruptive – unless you want it to be. It will wait patiently until you are ready to address it. That’s also what makes it more successful in business applications than other devices, such as phone calls. But it’s not for emergencies precisely because it’s not interruptive.

That’s why if you have an emergency that requires me to stop what I’m doing immediately and address it, use the phone to text or call me. As a someone who spends significant portions of time writing I block off time when I don’t answer emails.

Here is my interpretation of the order of communication devices and how to reach me:

  1. Immediate: Knock on the door
  2. Urgent: Call or text
  3. Important, but not completely time sensitive: Email
  4. I’d like to tell you, but not annoy you: Twitter and LinkedIn.

In other words, if you have an emergency, don’t get mad that I didn’t read your email. If it’s important enough to interrupt everything, it’s important enough to call.

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